Every region of the state has signature foods, some have more odd choices than others. In CNY, we have very tasty and unique foods that are a must-try for everyone.

  • Utica Greens
  • Chicken Riggies
  • Salt Potatoes
  • Turkey Joints
  • Upside Down Pizza
  • Tomato Pie
  • Halfmoon's

I suppose I can't say I'm from here, I have only tried five out of the seven. Some of these foods are actually able to be found in other parts of New York State. Things like Chicken Riggies. If you truly are from Central New York, you obviously know that nobody makes Chicken Riggies like Utica makes Chicken Riggies. That is just one of those facts you can absolutely bank on.

You also can find tomato pie at least in one place in the Capital Region to my knowledge. Theirs is definitely good, but the tomato pie found in Central New York is worlds away so much far superior to that version of our delicacy. The same would go for upside down pizza. It is so common to find it in the Utica area, but I know it also is in other places called COB, or cheese on bottom. Again, they can't top Central New York.

The one that threw me for a loop, being that I am not from Central New York was Turkey Joints. It sounded like an odd thing when I first saw the name. Then I became well informed that it is a must to try them and they are absolutely fantastic. I suppose I will have to make a trip to Rome soon.

What are some other foods that everyone in Central New York must try?

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