Another week has gone by and the gas prices in the Mohawk Valley have remained steady. In fact, over the last month the average price for local drivers has remained relatively unchanged.

AAA reports that Utica-Rome gas prices average $2.93 a gallon for regular gas. That is the same average price as last week and is the same average prices as it was a month ago. With prices being on a constant increase for months, it is good to finally see some leveling off.

On the other hand, premium fuel has seen a slight increase in the average price. Currently, the average price for premium stands at $3.54 a gallon. Last week it was $3.53 a gallon and this time a month ago, prices stood at $3.51 a gallon. Diesel fuel has also remained relatively unchanged and the average price for it in the Utica-Rome area is $3.13 a gallon.

The overall prices for the different fuel categories are exponentially higher than it was a year ago, still at the infancy of the Pandemic when nobody was traveling much. Regular gas one year ago was only priced at an average of $2.20 a gallon. Premium gas was at an average of $2.89 a gallon and Diesel fuel was averaged at $2.82 a gallon.

Gas prices are always fluctuating, but at least after a few months of constant increases, we're finally seeing a leveling off. The highest gas prices were recorded in June of 2008. Regular gas was at its highest price on June 21st, 2008 averaging $4.23 a gallon and Diesel averaged $5.07 a gallon.

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