When a person is lying, they give away tons of clues, especially if they are a bad liar. Some people can keep great poker faces, while others can't. Look at Arnold, he lied to his wife for years. How can you figure out if people like that are lying?

Here are some tips to help you figure out if someone is lying to you from CNN :

The person's voice or demeanor becomes drastically different. If you ask a liar basic questions so they aren't nervous, you can hear their natural speech pattern and intonation. If their tone and speech changes when they talk about the important issues, they may be lying.

The person steers clear of saying 'I'. They will do anything to avoid attaching themselves psychologically to the lie. They may speak in third person or use other techniques to do so.

The person leaves no question unanswered. The liar rehearses their answers and they don't have to take time to think about anything.

The person is oddly very fidgety and fussy. The more nervous the liar is, the more likely they are going to squirm.

The person claims they are honest over and over. They swear, they say, "to tell the truth" and claim their honesty in many different ways.

Read the full tips from CNN.

How can you tell if someone is lying?