I read some information the other day listing some statistics on lying.  I found this info to be quite astonishing.  Check out these stats from “Men’s Health”  63% of men believe they can tell when their wife or girlfriend is lying…50% of guys admit they have lied on a first date.  That is just a couple of examples.  Check out these statistics and then go to the website to read more. 

For example, 63% of men think they can tell when their wife or girlfriend is lying. . . 50% of guys admit they've lied on a first date . . . and when they're telling a lie, men use 29% more words, on average.  Here are a few more random stats.

1.  The Average Guy Tells 1,092 Lies Per Year.  That's from a 2010 study that also found the average woman tells 728 lies, which is 33% less than men.  Men are also less likely to feel guilty after telling a lie.

2.  15% of Men Who Do Online Dating Post Photos That Make Them Seem Better Looking Than They Actually Are.  That's according to stats taken from the dating site OKCupid.com.  For women, it's 21%.

3.  The Physical Feature Men Are Most Likely to Lie About Is Their Height.  With women, it's their weight . . . which isn't that surprising.

Men's Health