Your holiday season is supposed to be easy and fun. It’s supposed to be relaxing, and a great time with friends and family. You know peace on earth and goodwill toward men? Somewhere along the way, things got very complicated and very stressful.

Here are some ways to remain stress-free this holiday season:

Play in the Snow- Researcher has found that speed and fresh air offer special benefits to the body that many other workouts don't.

Enjoy a Candy Cane- Studies show that just the minty smell alone will pep you up to enjoy the holiday festivities.

Get Some Flowers- According to a Harvard study, people feel better and perkier when they see a bouquet first thing in the morning, and the energy boost lasts throughout the day.

Hold Hands- When couples were more affectionate for a month, researchers saw a dip in their stress hormones and blood pressure and an increase in a hormone thought to calm stressed nerves.

For more tips on how to reduce stress, click here.

What are some holiday stress busting tips do you have?


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