Travelers will be able to use E-ZPass to cross the Thousand Islands International bridge next year when the bridge owners upgrade the tollbooths.

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority Corp., that owns the Canadian span of the bridge will invest $2.25 million each toward new scanning technology, which will allow drivers to use E-ZPass, at the four tolls before Wellesley Island and three tolls in Landsdowne, Ontario.

Robert G. Horr lll,  executive director of the bridge authority, said the technology firm TransCore Nashville, will begin installing new equipment at the more than 50-year-old tolls in spring of 2019 and finish the summer. Toll collectors will continue accepting cash and credit after the upgrades.

"Customers have been asking for(E-ZPass) for a number of years, so we knew once we were in a position, we needed to re[lace the toll system because of its obsolescence," Mr. Horr said,"It'll streamline the queue and (prevent) any backups when crossing the bridge at the tolls."

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