Have you ever paid a Violation fine from E-ZPass? You might get a refund.

Have you ever received the dreaded 'Violation' from EZ-Pass? Those who have paid them during the past eight years (starting in 2011) may be getting a refund. A federal class-action lawsuit is challenging the Service's $50.00 fine as not legal and is looking to recover millions.

New Jersey 101.5 reports the firm representing E-ZPass users as saying "the fee violates the 8th Amendment, which prohibits excessive fines and therefore, is illegal." The Turnpike doubled the fine to $50 in 2011 saying it was necessary to keep up with rising costs associated with processing violations.

If the fines are breaking the law, then whoever paid them will get a refund. E-ZPass users are fined $50 for each missed toll. New Jersey 101.5 says the penalties are supposed to be based on the cost of what it takes to recover missed tolls from a user.

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