Live, local theatre is back at Rome Capitol Theatre this weekend.  The Summerstage production of the musical-comedy "Thoroughly Modern Millie" will take place Thursday-Saturday, August 4-6, 2016 at 7:30 each night.

According to Rome Capitol's website:

Set in New York City in 1922, Thoroughly Modern Millie tells the story of young Millie Dillmount from Kansas who comes to New York in search of a new life for herself. Her grand plan is to find a job as a secretary for a wealthy man and then marry him. However, her plan goes completely awry. The owner of her dingy hotel kidnaps young girls to sell to the Far East; her wealthy boss is slow in proposing marriage; and the man she actually falls in love with doesn't have a dime to his name—or so he tells her.

Once again, this Summerstage performance is directed by Peter Loftus.  Musical Director Karen Corigliano and Choreographer Randy Fields have been working with the local cast and crew to make this another memorable show.  Support live, local theatre!  Get your tickets at the door or click here.