It has already been one of the wettest July on record and we still have more than a week left on the calendar until August! As of early Monday, the Buffalo Airport has received as much as 6.5 inches of rain!

That water that has fallen has to go somewhere and when you combine the drainage, streams, rivers and creeks in to one, that makes for a powerful force! It also makes for some incredible video.

A friend shared this video from over this past weekend of the powerful waterfalls inside of Letchworth State Park. The Genesee River was raging after a couple days of incredible rains!

There is more rain in the forecast for later this week and the already saturated and soaked ground will help to make things even worse for the creeks that are swollen to flood stage levels.

The positives? I have not had top water our lawn and the flowers in our yard in weeks! As a matter of fact, those who rely on wells for water are also breathing a sigh of relief with all of the water we have gotten to keep them flowing. In a drought, it can be tough for families to do laundry or take showers with limited water in their wells.

With so many events coming back this year, it is bitter sweet to get the rain. You hate to see any delays or postponements to things that have already been held back because of COVID but it is great to keep our water supply and flowers and vegetation healthy without having to spend on irrigation.

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