Bugs are gross, but it's even worse when they can bite you and stain your stuff as this one can.

This is a boxelder bug, you've probably seen them around or may even have some in your house. They're considered a nuisance pest. These bugs don't sting or transmit disease, but there are reports of defensive biting. While these guys don't necessarily cause damage to your home, their feces can stain light colored surfaces and smashing them can release an unpleasant odor. NPIC says

 As winter approaches, boxelder bugs seek out shelter from the cold. They can fly up to two miles to find a suitable location in tree stumps, under debris, or within homes. There they remain mostly inactive until the early spring when temperatures begin to rise.

If boxelder bugs are inside your home, try to vacuum them and throw away the bag or freeze it overnight to kill the bugs. You can also pick them up by hand or swept them up and put outdoors.

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