We lead pretty busy lives. Our work has become more demanding. There seem to be more stresses that come along with modern life. Depression levels are at all-time highs. But, there may be an way to become happier, easily within our grasp.

New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests spending just 20 minutes at a park can boost happiness. Parks, especially those in urban settings, "allow visitors to experience physical and mental health benefits like stress reduction or recovery from mental fatigue and burnout," according to StudyFinds.org.

And, the research found that it didn't matter if physical activity or exercise was involved. So, with that in mind, here are our top green spaces for urban stress reduction, right here in the Mohawk Valley:

-Proctor Park. Featuring acres and acres of fields and trails.

-Roscoe Conkling Park. Home of the Parkway tennis courts and the Val Bialis Ski Center.

-Root Glen. The hidden jewel of Clinton, located on the outskirts of the Hamilton College campus.

-Kopernik Park. Home of the AMP Music series in the summer and located across the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute

-Sherrill Brook Park. Located on Route 12 in New Hartford.

-Chadwicks Park. Home of the summertime Splash Pad.

-Bellamy Harbor Park. The pride of Rome, located on the Erie Canal.

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