With the lake effect showing it's ugly face again here in Central New York, here are some common sense, but important things to keep in mind while driving this week.  Before you hit the snowy and icy roads, take a minute to check out these AAA winter driving tips.

- Keep your gas tank at least half full.

-Make sure your headlights are on, even in daylight hours.

-Avoid using cruise control while driving on any slippery surface.

-Make sure everyone in your car is buckled up.

-Accelerate slowly and stick to a speed where you feel you have control of your vehicle.

-Apply your brakes early when approaching an intersection, stop sign or traffic light.

-Don't stop on a hill.  If you must climb a steep hill get some inertia on a flat roadway before you take on the hill.

-If streets or hills appear to be blocked by other vehicles stuck in the snow, avoid them.

-If possible, stay home.  In a snow storm, don't drive unless it is absolutely necessary.

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