Usually when you hear about somebody getting an organ transplant it's from somebody that no one knows. Well, this time the donor was Sal Puleo and Utica's Annette Wilcox is Sal's Mother.

Its very unusual a son is able to donate to his family, much less his mother.

Several years back Annette was diagnosed with a hereditary disease that causes kidney failure. In fact it became so serious that her kidneys stopped working. While this was happening Sal decided he needed to do something.

Sal attended a seminar about kidney disease and in the process learned that it could take upwards of three to four years for his mother to receive a kidney. During the seminar Sal decided to try getting tested and knew it would be a very small chance of him being a match to his Mother but he still had to try.

Sal had to go through a series of tests to determine if he was even a candidate. The end result was yes indeed he was a match for his Mother. While Sal was going through all the testing Annette still needed dialysis three times a week.

Sal, in an effort to be in the best physical shape for the transplant lost 50 pounds, lowered his blood pressure. Sal now runs half marathons and is in the best shape of his life.

Finally, in March of 2010 the transplant was performed and Annette came out of the surgery looking 20 years younger.

Usually we think of a Mother giving life, not a son giving life.






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