No sooner did the snow melt off my lawn only to reveal trails and trails of mole holes. This happens every year in my yard during early spring, and I feel like Elmer Fudd trying to get rid of the little buggers every year!

I've tried different brands of mole repellants, grub killers, and the like, and eventually through my persistence, they go away. So, I can't really recommend one product or method, but there are products out there than can help.

One thing you have to be careful about in using mole repellants or poisons, if you have pets that also go outside. Any time I've used mole pellets directly in mole holes, I always cover the holes with a big rock, so that pets or even squirrels don't eat the stuff. And, when I've got a rocks all over my yard, I have to be extra, extra careful not to hit them when I'm mowing the lawn!

photo courtesy of Greg McShea

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