Are you all ready for your Memorial Day barbecue? Do you have your utensils, your meats, your sides? How about the drinks and the music? Are you familiar with the rules of grilling?

You can't just throw some meat over a fire and expect to have a great barbecue. You need to follow these rules according to Maxim:

  • Know your grill. Understand what your particular grill does best and go with it.
  • Serve a meat-only menu. Leave the vegetables off the grill.
  • If you need to grill something other than meat, try grilling a pizza.
  • You're the grill-master, so you need your own motto. Something like, "Fat equals flavor."
  • Don't let other guys tell you how to grill. It's your grill and your house, so shut them up.
  • Don't flip your meat too often. You don't need to flip burgers and steaks too often. Let it cook and when the time seems right, gently flip it.

Read the full list of rules at Maxim.

What’s your biggest grilling rules?