How did Lucky the Bull call central New York home? By accident as fate would have it.

"A tractor trailer broke down carrying the bull to a different location," says Michael Phoenix Heart. "He asked the first owner if he could unload it so he could get the truck fixed. It was too heavy for it to be lifted on the jacks to fix at the garage."

Lance and Paula Comfort were the first owners of the Steak House, called Joel's, that they built in 1965. Lucky did arrive to them by accident, after the truck carrying it to a restaurant in Canada broke down, according to Roadside America. They offered to buy it and the rest is history.

The bull got his name after Paula's uncle Lucky, who signed it for good luck, according to the Oneida Dispatch. You may have noticed it under his chin.

The steak house and bull were sold in 2014. Two years later the restaurant burned down but Lucky escaped without a scratch. The property was recently sold after being put on the market last month.

Brittany Shlotzhauer

Lucky was moved Saturday, April 7th after a debate over it's ownership. The former owner told several men they could have it. The new property owner disagreed. After police were called to sort it out, Lucky was moved to safer pastures.

Brenda S

The iconic 2000 pound statue that stood 12 feet tall, became somewhat of a celebrity as locals and visitors stopped to get pictures. Jeff March and his wife even included Lucky in their wedding vows renewals.

Jeff March

Lucky has survived a broken down truck, several owners and a fire. Wherever he was moooved to, his luck I'm sure will continue, but he will be missed. The corner of Route 365 and 31 in Verona will never be the same.

Jennifer VanBenschoten