Let's take a trip back to 1972. On June 17,agents of the Nixon reelection campaign were arrested while breaking into the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which at the time was located in Washington D.C.'s Watergate Complex. Let's jump ahead to August of that year, this song from Emerson, Lake & Palmer was on the radio. Let's talk about "From The Beginning" with our Guitar Pic At Six

"From the Beginning" was written by Greg Lake and released on the 1972 album "Trilogy" according to Wikipedia.

It is driven by an acoustic guitar line with layers of electric guitar (both rhythm and lead), electric bass guitar, and sung by Lake, with some backing on drums (played by Carl Palmer with tympani mallets and without cymbals), and with a distinctive closing synthesizer solo from Keith Emerson, accompanied by overdubbed random synthesizer-generated effects.

It hit number 39 here in the States and was the highest charting single for Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

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