It is summertime and this is when most people do their traveling, but be careful…if you want to visit someplace where the folks are friendly, better check this list before you book your trip.Not exactly sure how they came up with this information, and I certainly can’t say that I agree with a lot of these, but according to a survey by "Travel and Leisure" magazine, these are the 10 SNOBBIEST cities in America:

How many of these have you been to and how many do you agree with?

 1.  San Francisco.    I’ve never been, so I really can’t comment

 2.  New York.  Manhattan maybe, I was too engrossed with the lights and buildings.

 3.  Boston.  Haven’t been, but despite this survey, still would like to go.

 4.  Minneapolis / St. Paul.  Been there, can’t say I agree with its ranking.

 5.  A tie between Seattle and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Never been to either

 7.  Chicago.  Stopped in at the bus station there.  Did not encounter any snobs.

 8.  Providence, Rhode Island.  Never been, no plans to go anytime soon.

 9.  Washington, D.C. – Heard was busy busy busy and lots of traffic.  Not sure I want to go.

10.  Charleston, South Carolina.  I can see this.  Have been there and was not thrilled.