Well, this is pretty unfair! Apparently, New York is one of the snobbiest states in the country and the reason is very odd.

Zippia figured out a way to gauge how snobby a state is, and viola, New York ranks pretty high up on the listing. In fact, New York comes in at number four. At least the surrounding states pulled a much higher number in the ranking. Massachusetts came in at number one, Vermont number two, and Connecticut at number three. I could agree with that without even knowing how they compiled their list. Then I saw how they did and I had a major what on earth moment.

I thought for sure it had to do with money and how rich someone may be. If that were the case we would be screwed because of New York City. But actually, that isn't really the case. Zippia used four things to rank states. The percentage of the population that has a bachelor's degree, the percent of people who have degrees in arts and humanities, the number of Ivy League colleges, and finally (where we rank high) the number of gallons of wine consumed on a yearly basis.

Roughly 36 percent of us have college degrees, 27% of the New York population has an Arts or Humanities degree, and the average person will consume around 17 bottles of wine per year says Zippia.

Is Central New York one of the reasons to blame here? I mean, we have a lot of wineries. Obviously, wine according to their list is a factor in deciding snobbiness. I know wine is very popular here too among locals. Or, can we just blame it on New York City and call it a day?

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