If you have pets like we do life is never dull. We have two dogs and a yellow nape amazon parrot and it's hard to tell who has who trained. The pets seem to have the upper hand. If it isn't the dogs it's the darn bird who has my wife and I wrapped around their finger or should I say paws/claws.

Anytime we sit down to eat Oscar the parrot watches and within 2 minutes, he has decided he wants some of what we have. Oscar picks up one of his 2 food bowls and hits the side of his cage. We know from past experience he wants what we have and he will make a huge mess if we don't come across with what he wants.

Now the dogs are another story altogether. They will run through their battery of tricks until we fork over a treat or two for whatever they happen to be trying on us at the moment.

In the video above Gibbs is trying the "I'm going in circles for whatever you have for me" trick. Its usually at this point the bird starts yelling Don at the top of his lungs. Yes, you could say its never dull around our house.




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