Get ready to find out just how fast you can move when you encounter the ghost of a long-dead soldier along New York's most haunted hike.

New York is full of history. Sometimes, history leaves a trace of itself in the form of ghosts, spirits, and creepy energy. That's exactly what many say is happening along the rolling trails of the Saratoga National Park, which includes Saratoga Battlefield.

The park is located less than 2 hours from Utica, in Stillwater, NY. The park overlooks the Hudson River, and is the site of a 1777 battle between American and British forces which marked the first time British forces surrendered to American troops.

Within the park, the Wilkinson Trail is the one where visitors report the most paranormal experiences. According to, "many have claimed to hear the moaning of distressed soldiers as well as gunshots and loud drumming."

In fact, there have been reports of a man in uniform being seen along the trail by visitors, who then disappears into the woods.

Think you're up for this most haunted hike in New York? You can get directions to the park HERE.

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