Jeff Goldblum was in Utica, Syracuse, and Albany in 2017 filming an indie movie that's set to be released nationwide this Summer.

Jeff Goldblum was in CNY filming a Rick Alverson period drama where he played a lobotomy-giving doctor. 'The Mountain' is set to be released nationwide this Summer. We can't wait to see area landmarks in the background of this feature film.

Kino Lorber has acquired North American rights to Rick Alverson’s The Mountain, starring Tye Sheridan, named one of Variety's 10 Actors to Watch, and Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park). The drama is set in 1950s America, the follows the story of an introverted young man, played by Sheridan, who is employed as a photographer by a doctor (Goldblum) who's on a tour promoting a controversial lobotomy procedure.

Goldblum tells Indiewire, “The Mountain” features a character based on Dr. Walter Freeman, “the guy who pioneered the lobotomy, did Rosemary Kennedy’s lobotomy. This is an extrapolation of that kind of character. Drugs have come in, so it’s very controversial what I’m doing.” says Freeman is estimated to have performed about 4,000 lobotomies from the 1930s to the 1960s. Freeman left hundreds of people dead or disabled, including John F. Kennedy’s sister Rosemary.

Goldblum’s character, known as Dr. Wallace Fiennes, has “pioneered a way of doing it…like [Freeman] did, through the eyeball, with my own kind of ice picks…I’m trying to teach people in these institutions, where my name isn’t mud totally yet, and I’m trying to shore up my legacy. Teach people how to do it quickly, and do a lot more lobotomies.”

Goldblum tells Indiewire:

“I take this kid with me on the road in the Pacific Northwest. He’s lost his father, and I’ve lobotomized his mother, and so I take him under my wing, get him to photograph me as I’m doing these things.”


Richard Lorber, president Kino Lorber tells the Hollywood Reporter "The Mountain is a peak cinematic experience, and that's no pun. Rick Alverson, a transcendent indie auteur we've wanted to work with for a long time, crystallizes his visionary script on screen with surgical direction and an exceptional cast. Jeff Goldblum is brilliantly attuned to Rick's mischievous mission and is guaranteed to cast a spell on viewers. We can't wait for the Sundance Spotlight on this soaring allegory and look forward to unveiling it to bold North Americans who will have never seen anything quite like it."

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