New York workers could see $185 billion in wages taken by machines, robots, and automation in the next few years according to a new study done by the Center for an Urban Future.  This study is aimed at helping policymakers prepare New York for changes coming to the job market in the near future.

Mohawk Valley's 5 largest employers also have the largest number of workers in the Mohawk Valley. Based on the info below you can see the number of employees that could be replaced by automation, and the numbers are staggering for our Mohawk Valley workforce.

1. Retail Salespersons -  46.8% potential jobs that can be automated

2. Cashiers - 48.6% potential jobs can be automated

3. Home Health Aides - 10.8% potential jobs can be automated

4. Registered Nurses - 28.9% potential jobs can be automated

5. Combined Food Prep and serving workers, including Fast Food - 86.7% of what they do can be automated.

By far and away the number of tasks performed by the food industry, 86.7% of those duties can be automated and wages and jobs lost to automation. The future in the food industry is bleak, to say the least. The most stable jobs are in the healthcare field, especially with Home Health Aides and Registered Nurses.



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