If it feels cold outside you're right, it's been 114 years since it was this cold in Cental New York. We have set a new record for the coldest start to January.

You know it's cold outside, you hear the forecast on the radio and the TV. You go outside to clean off the car windows and the car itself, you find yourself getting excited the temps will be rising to above a balmy -20. You clear the snow and the ice off your car and the next step is to start or try to start either of the two cars sitting in the driveway.

You finally noticed the wiper blades have frozen into the windshield. Maybe with a little luck, you can get them un-stuck and you will at least be able to see out the front of the car, the side windows will begin to thaw just about the time you get to work.

You have had the feeling for the past month that it is colder than normal even for Central New York standards and you are right.

You probably figured out by now this is the coldest start to January in Central New York in a while and you're right in 114 years, this is a new record and, one we can do without I might add. The record was set in 1904 at just 7.3 degrees and we only remained one-tenth of a degree colder. IF we miss our high temp by just two degrees we'll be even colder than the record.

Thankfully the temps will rise int the mid 30's by Monday and close to 50 by Thursday and get ready for the big melt. At least we're not breaking the Whiteface records.

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