This gives new meaning to the phrase "Cold Blooded" for this fisherman. I hope it wasn't his dinner!

Assuming the fishing tales that the men in my life tell me are true, this gentleman probably started at the crack of dawn and not having any luck at all, pulled out the secret bait by mid morning. It was the wildest, most unbelievable fish he had ever seen.

This fish was SOOO big it was on the verge of growing muscular arms and legs and it was actually smoking a cigar. This fish was the King of all fish surrounded by a school of sweet little pretty fish with bright sequins, lipstick and long blond hair. This avid fisherman finally gets the king of all fish to take the bait. They struggle back and forth for 3 days and 3 nights. The fisherman wins the fishing fight with the fish that is the size of a elephant!! The fisherman is quite proud of himself as he struggles up to the top of the bank to take a photo.


To this fisherman the story I told is true. It is not flavored or peppered in anyway, until you see the video. The little fish with a big brain saw his chance and just flopped away taking the pole with him. Looks like Nemo had the last laugh.