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As soon as the lights went out and his eerie music hit the speakers, chills immediately ran down your spine.

The old Undertaker’s aura downright spooky. ‘Taker was rarely fazed by punches and kicks from mere mortals and was rejuvenated with the help of Paul Bearer’s urn. Admittedly, we were so scared of the Undertaker of the early 90′s that we actually thought he hid in our closet. Without ‘The Dead Man’, wrestling fans would never have had the opportunity of watching defeated foes carried to the back in body bags, Buried Alive matches, or the Hell in a Cell match. The old-school Undertaker persona culminated with the Ministry of Darkness where ‘Taker went so far as to kidnap Vince’s daughter Stephanie. Without a doubt, old Undertaker (with his eyes rolled in the back of his skull) is one of the most fearsome characters to have ever stepped inside the squared circle.

To kick off the new millennium, the Undertaker staved off decay by reinventing himself as the ‘American Badass’ and later ‘Big Evil’ before returning to his more sinister side in recent years. Whether the new Undertaker was “rollin” to the ring or riding a Harley down the ramp, fans ate it up. Maybe it was a guilty pleasure or our taste in music hadn’t yet entered maturity but the Kid Rock/Limp Bizkit jams sure worked the fans into a frenzy every Monday and Thursday night. Speaking his mind, and giving anyone who didn’t like it one ‘Last Ride,’ propelled the new Undertaker into the hearts many new fans.

So which Undertaker persona was better — the ‘Dead Man’ or ‘American Badass’ Undertaker?

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