The rock group America is coming to Utica, Friday May 11th. After a Grammy in 1972 and 50 years in the music business. The group is on the road with founding members Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell still with the band.

In 1977 co-founder Dan Peek quit the band  and became a born-again Christian and passed away in 2011 at the age of 60.

America will play a large part in the Herkimer County Historical Society Fund raiser on Friday the 11th at the Stanley 7:30 pm.

Just added and opening for America is the group The Two of Us.

America at the Stanley with all their hits that you hear on The Eagle 96.1.

The 5 songs that really showcase the talent in this group are listed in  order below. Bottom line, this is a concert not to be missed. The first song and the biggest for this group by far is A Horse with no name.

A Horse With No Name

This song is simply the best.

Ventura Highway

There are so many songs this trio wrote its hard to judge the top 5. Ventura Highway came out when I was working early in my career in Palm Springs and takes me back when ever I hear the firs few cords.

Sister Golden Hair

You can hear the the best vocals of America on Sister Golden Hair as they showcase another classic America song.

Tin Man

Oz didn't give nothing to the Tin Man....that's all you have to know to start singing Tin Man.

You Can Do Magic

America had the ability to hook you on a song in the first few bars and this is and have you singing the chorus by the end of the song as with You Can Do Magic.

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