Being from the Utica area, you probably know all there is to know about our city, but what about those that now call Utica home? If you're a new Utica resident, welcome, but just so you know, there are a few things we Uticans take very seriously about our hometown.

With that said, here are the 10 Commandments of Being A Utican

I. Thou shall become familiar with Utica food: What makes our city truly unique is our different variety of food: chicken riggies, halfmoon cookies, tomato pie, and Utica greens.

II. Thou shall refer to Route 12 as the "arterial": It's not just a state road or a highway. We Uticans refer to it as the north/south arterial.

III. Thou shall attend a Utica Comets hockey game: Now, this is a given. Any self respecting sports and hockey fan, MUST attend a Utica Comets hockey game. If you don't, you're not a true Utican.

IV. Thou shall attend Saranac Thursday: A Utica area summer tradition for almost 20 years (19 to be exact). Saranac Thursday is held every THURSDAY throughout the summer at the Utica Brewery in west Utica. What else is there to say about Saranac Thursday, except, beer, bands and a lot of fun.

V. Thou shall support and cheer on Boilermaker runners: Every second Sunday of July for the past 40 years, thousands of runners from throughout the world descend upon Utica to run the largest 15K road race in the country. Thousands more people line up and down the streets to watch this amazing event.

VI. Thou shall attend a Boilermaker post-race party: Of course, whether you're a participant or just a supporter of the runners, it's a must to attend the after party at the Utica Brewery.

VII. Thou shall dine at Symeons at least once: Greek or not, one word describes Symeons, "delicious".

VIII. Thou shall visit the Utica Zoo: Whether you're a kid or kid at heart, the Utica Zoo is definitely somewhere you must pay a visit to.

IX. Thou shall party on Varick Street: If you're a true Utican, you know Varick Street. Especially after our annual St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Utica.

X. Thou shall attend a Stanley event: Last but certainly not least, you MUST - MUST attend a show at the Stanley in downtown Utica. Again, you are not a true Utican if you don't or never have.



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