Taste NY sales nearly tripled in 2016, surpassing Governor Andrew Cuomo's goal of doubling sales of participating businesses in one year.

The Governor's Office says total sales of New York products from Taste NY stores, cafes, bars, concessions and events topped $13.1 million last year.

That's Taste NY's highest annual sales in the program's three-year history.

Governor Cuomo says the significant growth reflects an increasing consumer demand for local products, which in turn supports New York's agricultural and food and beverage sectors.

“Taste NY continues to connect New York’s world-class farmers and food and beverage producers with New Yorkers hungry for locally made goods, as well as those across the nation and around the world who crave the high quality of Empire State-made products," Cuomo said.

For more information about Taste NY, visit www.taste.ny.gov.

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