With cloudy skies in central New York last night, some of us didn't great a great view of the total lunar eclipse in the night sky, but we had another chance to view it early this morning. If you missed it, watch this CNN video of the event.

blood moon
David McNew, Getty Images News

According to an article by by Michele Berger on weather.com:

"Update: The eclipse is now over. It peaked at 6:55 a.m. Eastern time this morning and ended just before 7:30 a.m.

What exactly happens during a total lunar eclipse? “Think of it this way,” Jim O’Leary, senior scientist at the Maryland Science Center, told weather.com. “The Earth casts a shadow and that shadow gets cast into space. Occasionally the moon will pass into that shadow.” The result is a darkened moon, he said, adding, “It will be completely in the Earth’s shadow for approximately an hour.”

The lunar eclipse coincides with the October full moon, nicknamed the Hunter’s Moon. The name, as we described last year about this moon, comes from those who used the light to their advantage."

Here's a look at the total lunar eclipse "blood moon" from a Los Angeles vantage point:

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