If it was too late or too cold for you to catch the Super Blood Moon over central New York, you're in luck. A Utica photographer braved the elements to capture breathtaking photos that look more like paintings.

"Honestly I took them in my back yard," says Stacy Brown. "I started out near the power plant on Glass Factory Road just to click off a few pics of the Wolf Mountain and catch the beginning of the eclipse, but it was freezing and the clouds kept threatening so I headed home."

Photo Credit - Stacy Brown/TSM
Photo Credit - Stacy Brown/TSM

The clouds cleared just after 11pm, making it easier to see the Blood Moon. "I was so excited," says Brown.

The temperatures were a different story and made it difficult for Brown to stay outside for long. "I turned my car on with the heat on high. I threw my Nikon P900 on the tripod and clicked a few pics, jumped back in the car with the camera, warmed up, then jumped back out. I did that 2 to 3 times and thought my hands were going to fall off trying to focus.

Brown called it a night around 12:30am when the clouds started to roll back in. But the shots she got are breathtaking and worth getting cold to capture.

Blood Moon over Utica

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