Watch Train Pull Into Brewery
Have you ever been on Schuyler Street in Utica when a train is heading INTO the brewery?  It's quite a sight, and can be a little scary to watch.
Toy Train Show in Utica
It was great to see all the exhibits and vendors at Utica's Union Station on Sunday.  Here's at look at the many train layouts on display at the Toy Train Collectors Society's 36th Annual Toy Train Show.
Model Train Show in Utica
Every year, I can't wait to take my kids to the model train show at Union Station.  And every year, I find out about the show AFTER it's over!  So this year, we've got the scoop about the show. 36th Annual Toy Train Show Sunday, January 17, 2016 - 9:30am-3pm Union Station, Main Street in Utica Adults: $5 | Children 5-12: $2 | Children 4 and under: Free Presented by the Toy Train Collector's Socie
Utica Brewery Train Switch
It really is incredible to look at the tracks in the streets around the FX Matt Brewery in West Utica.  Ever wondered how a train can even get through and make a delivery/pickup in the brewery?  This video shows you exactly what it's like...