Test How Smart Your Dog Really Is
Everyone knows that dogs are very intelligent animals, but does anyone really know how smart they are? Researcher's at Duke University have been doing studies developing a series of games and activities you can do with your pup to test their sharpness!
Total Solar Eclipse To Occur on Friday
It's not every day that we see a total solar eclipse and for the first time since November 2013, the moon will make a pass at the sun causing it to block out some of the light. This classic image, while erie, is a sight to see. It's going to be happening on March 20th at approximately 4 a.…
Scientists Discover New 'Stupidity Virus'
Next time you do something extremely stupid, and your wife freaks out on you, blame it on science. Scientists are stepping forward claiming they have covered a new "stupidity virus." Also, if you look up gullible in the dictionary, you won't find your photo.

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