Seriously. Astronomers have discovered a repeating signal emanating from a spiral galaxy light years away. It's aliens - at least that's our analysis.

Here are the facts: there is a strange fast radio burst (FRB) emanating from deep space, and scientists aren't really sure what's causing it.

According to, "fast radio bursts (FRBs) have likely happened for billions of years. But no one knows what causes them. Because these bursts are so rare, unusual and bright — considering that they're visible from billions of light-years across space — physicists have tended to assume they come from a cataclysmic event, such as the collision of stars. This repeating pattern, however, suggests that something else is going on, that there's some sort of natural machine in the universe for pumping regular shrieks of radio energy across space."

This particular FRB goes through four-day cycles of regular activity, sending out radio waves into space on an almost hourly basis. Then it goes into a 12-day period of silence. And then the cycle repeats.

While there could be a natural cause for the signal from a galaxy 500-million light-years away, experts have not ruled out an extraterrestrial force.

(How is it we can get radio signals from millions of light-years away and my cell calls always drop on Higby Road?)

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