Incredible Bigfoot Footage [VIDEO]
If you are a believer of the existence of Bigfoot, here's  brand new footage titled, "Incredible Bigfoot Footage (2013)". Though we don't necessarily think this is really that "incredible" we do find it to be kind of scary. This is probably one of the most terrifying encounters w…
One Million Dollars To Whoever Can Safely Capture Bigfoot
I was a little shocked when I read, the other day, that one in seven Americans actually believe that Bigfoot is real.  I really would have thought more.  If he (or she…I don’t think that has ever been determined) is right, someone could be in the money very soon.
DNA Evidence Says Bigfoot Exists
Last month we covered a story about Spike TV running a new show called the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty which offers the prize to anyone who can prove unequivocally that the big hairy monster actually exists. Looks like someone may have a chance to take the edge off of losing the Powerball …
Is Bigfoot Real? $10M To Prove It!
That's right. So, if you've had a 'Sasquatch experience' or are looking for an excuse to scour the wilderness or maybe add a bigfoot head to your trophy room, Spike TV wants to put this age-old question to bed and will reward you handsomely for your irrefutable proof!
How Long Will We Chase Bigfoot?
I remember stories of Bigfoot from when I was a child.  I recall going to see the movie "Mysterious Monsters" with my dad.  So how long are we going to chase after Sasquatch without any hardcore evidence that he exists?