New Diner Breathes Life Into Downtown Utica
The revitalization of downtown Utica continues with the Grand Opening of the brand new Craylee's Diner on Bleeker Street. The latest breakfast and lunch eatery is sure to be a popular spot, and is a prime example of the new life that is being breathed into the downtown area...
How Much Do We Spend On Takeout?
Results are in from a recent survey from a British coupon site and I personally was not too surprised by the results, however, I felt pretty good knowing that I personally, am an exception to this survey…or not considered to be “average” in this respect.
Chowdown With Chip – Don’t Eat Too Fast
People who eat fast until they're full are far more likely to become overweight, according to a surprising study from Japan 's Osaka University . Investigators quizzed more than 3,000 volunteers about how they ate and the findings were hard to stomach...