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Celebs Seen in CNY
It happens more often than you think. Some well known celebrities have been seen in this part of the state as recent as early March.
Boonville Boy Gets Wish
The Central New York Make-A-Wish Foundation gave a Boonville boy the surprise of a lifetime. 8-year-old Dillan Burr is an enormous fan of all things WWE, especially John Cena. It's not every day a young man gets to meet his hero, but for Dillan that day was this past December.
Post Foods Produce New Pebbles Boxes With WWE Superstar John Cena
In 1969, Fruity pebbles were introduced to the world and with it the box’s cover has gone through many changes, but what has never changed is the characters on the boxes. Fred Flintstone has always been on the cover of the box. With every changing year, the mascot for the cereal has stayed the same but it seems that in 2013, all that is changing for a short period of time. It will change to reflec