9/11 Firefighter Wins $5 Million Lottery Jackpot
One of the brave New York firefighters who rushed to Ground Zero during the 9/11 terror attacks is a millionaire thanks to a winning scratch off ticket. Carmelo Mercado, won $5 million on a $20 “Cash X 100” ticket.
Firefighters Line Up To Say Final Goodbye to Lt Rob Urtz III [PHOTOS]
Being a firefighter was in Rob Urtz III's blood, but so was cancer and after battling fires for 20 years, he lost his courageous cancer battle March 31st. The Lt from the Verona volunteer firefighter was remembered as several fire departments lined the streets to say their final goodbyes Monday, April 6th.
Local Firefighter Injured
A local family who lost everything in a devastating fire, are more concerned about an injured firefighter.  The St Onge family has set up a "go-fund me" account for volunteer firefighter, Ray Jones who was injured while responding to the fire.
Two Firemen Dressed in Drag Put Out Burning Car
It’s a little unusual to drive down a rural highway and see a car engulfed in flames. It’s even more unusual to see two firemen dressed in drag dousing those flames with a fire hose. And yet, that’s exactly what happened in Minnesota recently.
Firefighter Races – Hot New Sport? [VIDEOS]
Firefighting isn’t just a job — it’s also a sport. Firematic Racing involves firefighters competing against the clock to complete tasks like assembling and climbing a ladder or fitting and shooting a hose. Though the sport is most popular in New York, its reach extends across the pond to Europe, too.