Local Firefighter Injured
A local family who lost everything in a devastating fire, are more concerned about an injured firefighter.  The St Onge family has set up a "go-fund me" account for volunteer firefighter, Ray Jones who was injured while responding to the fire.
Two Firemen Dressed in Drag Put Out Burning Car
It’s a little unusual to drive down a rural highway and see a car engulfed in flames. It’s even more unusual to see two firemen dressed in drag dousing those flames with a fire hose. And yet, that’s exactly what happened in Minnesota recently.
Firefighter Races – Hot New Sport? [VIDEOS]
Firefighting isn’t just a job — it’s also a sport. Firematic Racing involves firefighters competing against the clock to complete tasks like assembling and climbing a ladder or fitting and shooting a hose. Though the sport is most popular in New York, its reach …