Jimmy Kimmel is Officially Your 2016 Emmys Host
Seeing as the Emmy awards rotate broadcast networks from year to year, it seemed likely that Jimmy Kimmel might suit up to host the awards once the wheel landed on ABC. Good guess, everyone! The network has officially confirmed that the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host will don his tux later this year.
‘Gone Girl’ Trailer From the 2014 Emmys
In case you missed it, because you were muting the commercial breaks or what have you, Fox debuted a new 'Gone Girl' trailer during the 2014 Emmys, broadcast on NBC Monday night and showcasing never-before-seen footage of Ben Affleck in this twisted tale from director David Fincher and the…
Jack Hanna’s Gator Tries to Eat a 2012 Daytime Emmy
The 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards would probably have been a big bore if it wasn’t for famed zookeeper Jack Hanna. When he arrived on the red carpet in Beverly Hills with a lemur, porcupine and 5-feet-long alligator, people were just a tad bit more than surprised. That feeling then quickl…

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