Boilermaker Burger Relay
Hey, Chip Douglas here.  I would sure hate to labeled a non-conformist, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try one of these boilermaker burgers.
Taste Test!
I have been to Carmella's Cafe countless times and have given away more of their food on this station than I could ever put away myself, but I've never had the  'Boilermaker Burger'.
Girl Gets Blown Away [VIDEO]
Cars. Girls. Music. What else is there? How about all three in combination! If anything, this video will make you want to seriously trick out your car's stereo system. The funny thing is it's actually a soft piano song, but when the driver kicks in the subwoofer, BAMM! This girl gets hit s…
Live TV Catfight
Former Miss Pennsylvania, Nicole Brewer now a news anchor seems to really have it in for her colleague, weather-woman Carol Erickson. I couldn't believe my eyes (or ears)
Naked Arguement [VIDEO]
My eyeballs literally popped out of my head while watching this and I couldn't type my opening paragraph fast enough. Not just because they're completely naked (no really really naked, no joke) but because it's WICKED funny! My, what you can get away with on TV these days, late night …

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