I have been to Carmella's Cafe countless times and have given away more of their food on this station than I could ever put away myself, but I've never had the  'Boilermaker Burger'. That's right, there is a burger that's just as big as the annual road race and I got to sample it on air! Here's Dino Labarbera, Carmella's general manager bringing in the goods for the taste test!


Keep listening to the station for your next chance to win a gift certificate to Carmella's so you can grab your own BM burger! Incidentally if you do get your hands on one and take a picture of yourself chowing on it, you could win a shot to take on one of your favorite Oldiez DJs in the Boilermaker Burger Relay! Just hashtag your photo with #boilermakergurgerrelay on Facebook or Twitter and you'll be in the running! Only one winner will be picked per station!

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