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‘Two and a Half Men’ Finale Might Return Charlie Sheen, Teases Ashton Kutcher
We’ve mostly stayed away from any ‘Two and a Half Men’ hubbub since Charlie Sheen’s crazy days settled down, and Angus T. Jones similarly talked himself out of a job, but with the CBS comedy’s series finale firmly set for February 19, we’re at least curious if Charlie Sheen can negotiate a return appearance. Judging by Ashton Kutcher’s coy performance in a recent ‘Ellen’ interview, that looks to be the case.
Ashton Kutcher on Award Speech
Back in August, Ashton Kutcher used his moment onstage while accepting his Teen Choice Award to give the kids a piece of his mind. Three months later people are still talking about it
A Moving Acceptance Speech
I've always thought Ashton Kutcher was quite funny and has always come across to me as somewhat immature (which adds to his comedy) but he went up quite a few notches in my book in a different way after watching his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards.
Davey’s Dirty Laundry- Bye Ann Curry
Hollywood and showbiz can be a truly hard business. Most people fell in love with Ann Curry, and now we have to say good bye. I think it's a stupid move on NBC, but then again I don't make millions of dollars a year and make these decisions. Let's get to our dirty laundry!