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Lil' Wayne Desecrates Flag
Lil' Wayne generally isn't a person we talk a lot about on our station, but this next story will really get your blood boiling. Lil' Wayne decided to desecrate the American Flag in a new music video. He walks all over it, and throws it to the ground.
What Is The Meaning Behind Flag Day?
Flag Day?  What is it?  Is it the same as Independence Day?  No it is not, and I think this is where some folks get a little confused.  Independence Day is July 4th, the day we celebrate our independence from England on July 4th, 1776.
Properly Fold The American Flag
Summertime is upon us and a couple of holidays that go right along with Summer, are Flag Day, June 14, which commemorates the adoption of the American Flag, and also July 4, which is the day we celebrate our independence as a nation.