The retired cop told to take down his thin blue line flag or leave a New York campground won't be staying at that campground for the next 60 days. His membership has been suspended.

Eric Reynolds was asked to remove his flag at Thousand Trails campground in Accord, New York because it violated the park's flag policy. After a heated argument with employees, he finally complied. That argument violated member rules at the park and Reynolds membership is being suspended. "We will not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior," a letter that was emailed to Reynolds said. "Due to the nature of this incident, your membership has been suspended for 60 days for this member rule violation.

Credit - Eric Reynolds
Credit - Eric Reynolds

Reynolds has received invites to stay at several other campgrounds in New York state. "With my 60 Day Suspension From Tiolet Trails, Scott and Hunter Sherwood invited my family to their Spruce Row Campsite in Ithaca for the next week. It's beautiful and a place I can fly My Thin Blue Line Flag. Three others have sent invitations for us to stay too."

Retired Cop Told to Take Down Thin Blue Line Flag or Leave NY Campground

Eric Reynolds, a former officer with the Boyton Beach, Florida police department, was staying at the Thousand Trails campground in the Hudson Valley.

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