Ashley O'Mara, a Syracuse University Ph.D. student from Baldwinsville, will win a ton of money (hopefully) on Monday night while making CNY proud on the hit game show Jeopardy.

We all know how this goes by now. Ashley can't spill about how much cash she wins, how many episodes she's on or what kind of cologne Alex Trebek is wearing. We can tell you she will be going for the win on Monday night.

Ashley tells she was invited to audition in New York City last summer after taking an online test, then got to tape her appearance as a contestant in December.

During an interview with Syracuse University Ashley reveals how much America prefers Alex with a mustache.

People really miss Alex Trebek’s mustache! He answers audience questions during breaks in the filming, and people have asked about his mustache so often that the crew has a PowerPoint of highlights from his mustachioed past ready to go on demand.

She went on to say a bonus perk of trying out for “Jeopardy” was before her audition in NYS she and her family saw a taping of “The Daily Show.” Then got a selfie with comedian Trevor Noah on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen!

Photo via Ashley O'Mara
Photo via Ashley O'Mara

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