Syracuse police officer Brandon Hanks finally met his match. A 7-year-old boy is the first winner of Hanks' basketball challenge and he has a new pair of sneakers to prove it.

Officer Hanks challenged neighborhood kids on the court and the rules are simple; score first and Hanks will buy a new pair of sneakers. Lose and you're doing 20 push ups. After a lot of pushups, Josiah Brandon is the first to win the challenge. "This little boy ruined my winning streak," Hanks shared on Facebook. "So I took him to the sneaker store and bought him some new kicks. The smile on his face will stick with me forever."

The challenge continues. Just tag someone you want Hanks to play on Facebook. He'll show up to play but says it's not going to be easy. "I promise I'm not losing again."

Officer Hanks hopes other police officers will follow his lead. "I just want to encourage other agencies, other departments to join in," he tells, who was there when Josiah got his new sneakers. "It doesn't have to be basketball. Just anything to get out of your car and into the community to interact with these kids and be a positive role model.


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