There are many haunted locations around Central New York and one of them, known to many as "Homer's House," has been demolished. On Middle Settlement Road just past Twin Orchards set back in the woods once stood an old white house. Now it's just an empty lot.

Google Street View

This is what the property looked like before it was torn down. Just the fact that it was hidden back in the trees "off the beaten path" made it creepy alone. The house and the land it stood on has been for sale for countless years and you have to think, why wouldn't this prime piece of real estate sell? Well, finally someone decided to level the house, hopefully taking the legend down with it. The question remains do legends ever die?

The alleged story behind this spooky spot is the former owner, Homer, was a pimp during the 1920-30`s. He had been known to torture and intimidate anyone who tried to inhabit the house to the point it was inhabitable. If you could get ever get close enough to the abode by entering the woods surrounding it you could sometimes see Homer still walking around the house. Now that the home has been demolished, you have to wonder if the spirit of Homer remains. Only time will tell.

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