The ratings show how great of an attraction the Trail of Terror is.

"This event is awesome!!! Way better than fright night! And fright night wasn't bad but in comparison to this place..."

"Best haunted house I've been to in years!"

The Trail of Terror is spooking residents of Central NY in Fulton, just over an hour an a half from Utica. Once you arrive on the property, there's three two different options you can take part in. There's the "house" and then the "trail." Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, you can purchase tickets for the packaged deal.

What's cool about it? It's the oldest and deemed one of the best Halloween attractions to take part in in Central NY. The owners of the Trail of Terror have been putting on the show for 31 years and are committed to making each year even better.

Credit: Trail of Terror
Credit: Trail of Terror
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Because of COVID-19, they do have several things in place to keep everyone safe.

-Face coverings for all patrons and staff, which is a zero tolerance policy. If you are uncomfortable with this policy, staff respectfully asks that you don’t attend as they intend to comply fully with these regulations.
-Social distancing, whether it be ticket lines, show lines, in the shows or anywhere on the grounds physical distancing must be practiced.
- Reduction of crowd and staff has to meet the required criteria set forth by NYS to minimize crowd size in order to help in distancing.
-Hand sanitizer dispensers is placed in heavy use areas for those who wish to use them.
-Temperature checks for staff and patrons to eliminate any symptomatic individuals.
-Periodic sanitizing of frequently used/touched surfaces in order to reduce any potential risks.

The Trail of Terror has tickets available for cash only upon arrival. Individual tickets for the "house" and the "trail" are $13 each, but the combo is available for $20.

You better make a plan because it's not open much longer. Your final chances to visit are Thursday and Friday, Oct. 29th and 30th. Thursday, they are open until 10 and then for Halloween, open until 11 pm.

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