Remember in 'Signs' where Mel Gibson and company held a baby monitor into the air and picked up alien conversation forever embedding baby monitors in our heads as creepy? Well imagine for a second looking at the screen of your video baby monitor watching your own baby and you decide to switch channels. BOOM. Suddenly there's a nursery on the screen that isn't yours. Well, that's exactly what happened to me.

I was peering at the screen going, 'I don't remember a desk ever being next to the crib or recognize the girl in the shot changing the bedding. Turns out that this particular monitor has a MAD range on it (something like more than the length of a football field... why?) and if someone else within your neighborhood has the same exact monitor that you use (which all use the same radio frequency), accidentally eavesdropping is more than just a possibility. And you thought Facebook's lack of privacy was creepy!



Of course this little glitch won't be mentioned in any official promo videos or marketing although it's been well documented by consumers for years (although the video thing adds a whole 'nother level of spook.) I'm not gonna dump this out with the trash, but man it sure makes my skin crawl knowing that someone could trip into our nursery accidentally and God forbid on purpose.

Now, to dimish your creep factor, the baby in the pic above is my little Grayson and here's a video of his birth two months ago that I INVITE you to be a fly on the wall for...