There's good news for proficient swearers. It turns out the skill of constructing whole sentences, out of F-words and S-words and C-words makes you a healthier person. 

Now we're not telling you to take the Lord's name in vain but that F-bomb can help you ease pain, let off steam, defuse a situation, and make you feel stronger. Psychologists say profanity can be an emotional coping mechanism which makes us feel more resilient.

Dr. Richard Stephens of Keele University tells The Daily Mail that swearing is not the language of the ignorant, it's rich emotional expression. However, he warns 'The more often someone swears, the less effective it is.'

Emma Byrne tells The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that cussing appears in every language and takes many forms. When you hear or use swearing, your heart rate accelerates, your palms become sweaty and your emotional state intensifies.

And not just any swear words will do, Dr. Stephens has found. They need to be genuinely taboo words. Euphemisms such as “fudge” or “sugar” don’t cut it: They provide no benefit when it comes to withstanding pain, and they leave our heart rates and our emotions unchanged.

According to WSJ, swearing increased strength and stamina for fifty-two volunteers who squeezed a measuring device as hard as they could for two minutes. Those who were instructed to swear during this difficult task were able to exert significantly more force for longer.

So go for it. String together a sentence of vulgar obscenities as it might make you live longer and create stronger social bonds.

Top 10 Swear Words For Both Men And Women By

  1. Sh**
  2. F***
  3. Damn
  4. Bitc*
  5. Crap
  6. Piss
  7. Dic*
  8. Darn
  9. Coc*
  10. Pus***

Just for the record, we don't think Sam Rockwell was any healthier after dropping the F-bomb on “Saturday Night Live.” Do you think he planned on saying that or did it just slip out? Check out the video at

Dr. Byrne is the author of “Swearing Is Good for You,” published by W.W. Norton.

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